Friday, 5 February 2010

How to put your site on google ?

Here I'll tell you the best and easiest way of getting your site on Google.

Steps -

1) Go to any forum, example Win7vista.
2) You need to make an account on any forum, here I take win7vista.
3) Now you need to edit your signature. It can be seen in the profile editing place.
4) Write your blog or site address, example or ( here xxxxxxxxx = your site name )
5) Then you need to post something in that forum, something just write something.It does not matter, but what you are writing should be related to the topic of the forum.
6) Wait for some days or more than a week.
7) Your site will appear on google

!!! Reason for doing is that - Google has got the best CRAWLER (which captures all the sites on the net, so when anyone post something, the powerful crawler captures it and put it on google. Here we have given our signature, so when we post something the google crawler captures it, and put the post on google, since we have put the signature, our sites are taken by the google along with the post and it comes on google !!!

I hope you like it. Please pass the comments !

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