Friday, 5 February 2010

How to get a free domain for a blog ?

Here in this post, I'll tell you the way to get a free domain and how to set up in a blog !

Steps -

1.Go to your browser and open to
2.Type for a free domain which u want to use and see wheather it is avaluable
3.If ur desired name is avaluable make a register to it.
4.Next step u have to setup for a domain to do so goto "setup--->manage domain"
5.Select "zone records" in that column "host" type your domain name (
6.Then choose "CNAME" for "TYPE" then type "" in the value box then click
setup button.

Next think to do in blogger do as follow:

1.Go to to and login.
2.Select "setting--->publishing" then select "switch to :. custom domain"
3.Then click on that "already own a domain:switch to advance setting"
4.In "your domain" column type ur domain name which u have created in
5.Click" save setting " button to finish.

Note: It take nearly 1-2days for ur new domain to take action. mean while if any one entering to ur site through blospot. it will be redirected to ur new domain name

I hope you like it. Please pass the comment

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