Sunday, 7 February 2010

How to disable copy and right click function on your website

It is very disturbing someone copies your content and pastes in his website or blog . Mostly people do this because to create genuine content it takes time .So if we could disable the copy function in our site ,the rate at which content being copied can be reduced.But keep in mind that an experienced internet user can anyways bypass this trick .I am gonna explain this trick with reference to blogger service of Google. Others may also use the code in their perspective . This is having some disadvantages if you are listing some useful sites for your users or some stuff that needs to be copied
Now for blogger open Layout now edit HTML
Before you edit template save a copy for future use

Paste the following the JavaScript code just below tag as shown in screenshot

Please ask me the code using comment ! ( I cannot put the code here, there is some problem.)

Now save the template and your done

I hope you like it. Please pass the comment

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