Saturday, 6 February 2010

How to make fake virus to scare all of your friends

Hey, I will be showing you how to make a great little prank to scare your friends *or enemies*. First things first make sure you have a computer running windows XP it doesn't really matter which version as far as i know.


Ok here is where you test the taskkill command
-Open command prompt(start>run>type in "cmd" without the quotes>a black window should pop up)
-type in "taskkill /f /im explorer.exe" (if you are running windows 95 type "kill /f /im explorer.exe")Without the quotes
-hit enter and your icons and startbar should dissapear
-now type "start /im explorer.exe
- if that worked then this file will work

Step 2: write the code...
open a new notepad document and copy and paste the following text:
@echo off
title Do Not Close This Window!
echo Warning system failure! Do not close this window Doing so will harm your computer (press any key to Repair)
pause >nul
echo Deleting C:\... (press any key to cancel)
pause >nul
DIR /s
DIR /s
taskkill /f /im explorer.exe
Echo C:\... Deleted (press any key to restore)
Pause >nul
echo hahahahahahha this is a prank Would you like your icons back (Y/N)
Pause >nul
start /im explorer.exe
echo press any key to exit
Pause >nul

What it means
-"@echo off" means it doesn't show cretain commands up (like echo)
-"Title" just names the windows top bar
-"Pause" means pause running the script until the user presses a key(it also displays"Press any key to continue") That why i have ">nul" after this, it stops it from displaying this message.
-"DIR /s" is a directory search.
-If you completed the test step then you would know what "taskkill /f /im explorer.exe" and "start /im explorer.exe"
-"cls" clears all of the previous text

Step 3: Saving the file correctly

-file>save as
-file type: all files
-file name: whateveryouwanthere.BAT

Step 4: Finished
Congratulations! you have just completed a really great prank!It is totally safe and harmless. So send it around! and have a great laugh! If you want to send this via email you will have to send it to a compressed zipped folder.

I hope you like it. Please pass the comment

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